Etowah Baptist Church
Sunday, September 15, 2019


  1.  All children will need to be signed in by a parent upon arrival. The parent will receive a pager at that time.

  2.  One parent should pick up your child immediately following the service.

  3.  All children cry at times. In most cases they are fine as soon as you leave the room, however, if your child continues to have difficulty transitioning into the Nursery, we        will page you to return to the classroom.

  4.  Diaper bags, clothing, bottles, cups, and any other personal items must be labeled with the child's full name.

  5.  Do not allow your child to bring personal toys or other possessions unless it is a security item such as a blanket or a pacifier.

  6.  Babies and crawlers will be promoted as they develop physically. Toddlers will be promoted annually.

  7.  For the safety of your child, the staff cannot be responsible for special instructions unless they are in writing.

  8.  If your child has a food allergy or a special need related to food, please notify, in writing, the staff of the Nursery.


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