Etowah Baptist Church
Sunday, September 24, 2023
 Etowah Baptist Church now offers easy online giving. Tithes and offerings may be given through the following ways: 
1. In Person: Contributions can be made either at the church office (During regular office hours), or by utilizing the drop box (Located in the hallway just outside the office door).
2. By Mail: Contributions can be made by mail to: P.O. Box 326, Etowah, NC 28729.
3. By Phone: Contributions, by debit and credit card, can be made by phone, during regular office hours.
4. By Text: Simply text your contributions to (828) 373-8221.
5. Online: Contributions can be made online through our online giving platform. Click the link below to be directed to our online giving platform.
 While this church's intent is to use all designated gifts for the specific purposes and projects designated, the final authority for the use of all gifts to the church rests with the Finance Committee. In exceptional circumstances where the designated purposes are no longer feasible, or has been completed, or for other good cause, the Finance Committee may redirect such gifts to other appropriate ministries or projects, retaining to the extent deemed feasible, the basic original purpose of the designation.