Etowah Baptist Church
Sunday, February 23, 2020

10:55 a.m.

Welcome to our "Morning Celebration" Worship Outreach...
* What time? 10:55-12:05 a.m.
* Where do we meet? In the church sanctuary
* What should I wear?
You may "come as you are." You can mostly expect to see people dressed in "Sunday attire" (dresses, suits, button-up/pull-over shirts, jeans). While there is no "dress code," this is what you can expect to encounter in our congregation.
* What type of music will I experience?
Our sanctuary services feature a "blended" worship through music. We sing hymns, gospel songs, and modern praise and worship songs. There is really "something for everyone" in these services. Our choir sings and there will be a soloist/group sharing special music. Our music is played on piano, organ, drums, guitar and bass, among other instruments. Lyrics to songs may be found either through hymnbooks, placed in each pew, or through our video screen.
* Is there child care during the service? 
Yes. We offer nursery for children ages infant up to 3 years old (toddlers).
For kids ages 3-5, we offer "Children's Church." If you have a child that would like to go to children's church, he/she should come with you into the sanctuary service. Your child will be dismissed to children's church from the sanctuary. Parents may pick up their kids from children's church at the conclusion of the sanctuary service.
For kid's ages Kindergarten through 5th grade, we offer "Junior Worship." Junior Worship is a worship service designed just for kids. If your child would like to attend Junior Worship, he/she should be dropped off in the Fellowship Hall prior to the sanctuary service. Your child can be picked up in the Fellowship Hall following our sanctuary service.
* What is the order of a typical service like?
You can expect to interact with God through praise opportunities. You can also expect to be challenged from the Word of God each time we meet. The preaching of God's Word is the center point of all of our worship services. You are alsoinvited to worship with us through times of prayer. Altar prayers are common in our worship services, both for cleansing our hearts and for the lifting up of the lost in our community. Tithes and offerings are received in each service. If you feel led to give, you may place your offering to the Lord in the offering plate as it passes by.
* Anything else that I should expect?
You should expect to be warmly welcomed, to be challenged from God's Word, and, most importantly, to experience God!